Filmed entertainment

Karina Barnwell - PwC, Sydney
Josef Mirczuk - PwC, Sydney
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Market Definition:

This segment consists of both out-of-home and in-home metrics. Out-of-home covers consumer expenditure at the box office for theatrical motion pictures and advertising spend at the cinema including on-screen advertisements before the movie.

In-home includes both electronic and physical home video of films, TV programming and other content. Physical is split between rentals and sell-through and covers consumer spend. Rentals consider spending on rentals of DVDs and videos at video stores and kiosks along with DVD-by-mail services. The purchase of physical-home-video products is included in the sell-through split, with all spend considered including retail and online.

The electronic-home-video sub-segment considers spending on over-the-top (OTT)/streaming services (such as Netflix) whose filmed entertainment content is accessed via a broadband or wireless internet connection and is viewable on a PC, TV or other device that bypasses TV-subscription providers.

Video-on-demand (VOD) and pay-per-view (PPV) through a TV-subscription provider are also counted in this section. It should be noted that VOD and PPV through a TV-subscription provider is also considered within the “TV subscriptions” segment. These figures are removed at total level to avoid double counting.

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Australian total market:
- 5 year historical revenues
- 5 year forecast revenues
- for 11 E&M segments


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Rise of the Individual: Privacy, Piracy, Data

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Australia at a glance:
- 5 year historical advertising revenues
- 5 year forecast advertising revenues
- 5 year historical consumer revenues
- 5 year forecast consumer revenues

Global overview:
- 5 year historical and 5 year forecast revenues for global E&M market, advertising revenues and consumer revenues

Key global themes

Cross media ownership matrix


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    A discussion of the issues
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